Earn free Bitcoin: Rollercoin

So you wanna earn free Bitcoin?

Yeah? Great! So let’s get started.

My Suggestion for earning Bitcoin is Rollercoin. It’s free, you just need to play some games like Memory or a “cryptonized” version of Space Invaders. In Exchange for playing these games, you get some sweet mining power. You can use this mining power to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge.

But first, you can customize your character a little bit and get comfortable with the game mechanics.

The games

You can keep your Crypto or buy some mining machines which will mine crypto for you, forever. Some of them aren’t really worth their Satoshis, but there are special mining machines. They have a much higher mining output so they make a nice difference. As you can see below they are all golden and you can buy them using special Roller Tokens.

But what are these Roller Tokens?

They are special tokens from Rollercoin themselves, you can trade your other crypto for them. In the future, Rollercoin plans to implement an in-game market where you can buy these coins directly from other players.

The mining hall of a pro.

And the best part: The more you play the longer your mining power will last. First, it will vanish after one day after playing a game, later after two days, and finally, it can last up to five days!

The Withdraw limits are pretty low too.

  • 0,0001 Bitcoin
  • 0,004 Ethereum
  • 360 Doge

If your sign up using my refferal link you will also get 200 Satoshi for free! This should give you a quick start on your way for earning free Bitcoin!

Register: https://rollercoin.com/?r=k88rbgmv

Even if the earnings are pretty low, they will sum up over time. If you wanna make some more Bitcoin you can also try Freebitcoin.

So why are you waiting? Earn free Bitcoin!