Earn free Crypto: Airdrops

One of the best ways to earn free crypto are Airdrops. Most of them have no or little requirements and the coins you get today can be worth hundreds of Dollars tomorrow! 

What are Airdrops? 

 Airdrops are a way for developers to publish their new (and sometimes old coins). In contrast to an ICO, these coins are disturbed for free! That’s why they are called Airdrops, the coins are falling from the sky, you just need to catch them! 

But are these coins worth something? 

To be short, sometimes. Some Airdrops like BAT from the Brave Browser (which is still running) had value from the beginning. Others are practically worthless but at least some of them will be valuable in the future. 

What are the Requirements?

This depends, too. Sometimes you just need to set up a wallet and you get them, or follow the developers on social media, retweet a tweet, or join a Telegram group. Another popular way is to give the coins to People who already own the other coins like Bitcoin. In this case, you just need to claim then. But nearly all of them have in common that you earn free crypto!

Where can I find out about new Airdrops?

That’s easy! Just go to Airdrops.io, a lot of Airdrops are featured there. Alternatively, just search #airdrop on twitter, nearly all airdrops are featured there, too.

Other Great Stuff

Other great ways for earning crypto are Rollercoin and the Freebitco.in faucet. If you want you can read my Reviews here: Rollercoin, Freebitco.in.