The best Bitcoin faucet

Another great way to get some free Bitcoins is a Bitcoin faucet. These are simple sites where you just click one button and get some free Satoshis.

But they have one major downside: Ads, ads and even more Ads. Just think about a site where you can “absolutely legal” watch new movies. They have a lot of ads and Faucets have at least ten times more.

And here comes No ads! High payouts! And its paying!

You can also win up to 200 Dollars in Bitcoin!

The Registration is pretty simple: You just need an e-mail and that’s all, if you want you can also make a password (which I strongly recommend).

You can take a roll every hour, besides Satoshis, you get also some lottery tickets and reward points.

They are offering a dice game and betting, too. The dice game is really boring and you can be sure to lose all your Bitcoins in the long run. On the other hand, the betting isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen, because they give you the chance to bet on things like the future Bitcoin prize or the US Presidental Election and not just on Sports.

There are some other options too, but you will figure them out fast and they aren’t important.

Overall is the best Bitcoin faucet in personally know. If you want to start earning you first satoshis i would recommend to give it a try!

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